Few Words Of Our Company

A system ready to meet the needs of the future

The Swallow Building System is ideally suited to tackle fundamental global challenges:

- climate and environment protection due to extremely low energy requirements of buildings
- reduction of air pollution
- reduction of waste (both during production and construction of buildings)
- significant reduction in maintenance costs (which is particularly important in the case of municipal housing)
- reduction of investment time
- safety assurance in locations prone to earthquakes

It enables the selection and configuration of "online" houses. Additionally, with the use of VR technology
and its technical parameters, SBS significantly exceeds the normative standards for future-oriented homes (passive) setting a new energy class.

The system is based on large-scale prefabricated segments combining the features of: - construction
- partition
- insulation
- finishing

These solutions are protected by patent application PCT/PL2017/000136




Thermal insulation of external partitions

The SBS segments have a very high thermal insulation (with a heat transfer coefficient U = 0.05 - 0.08 W / m2K), three or four times lower than that which will apply from 2021 (U = 0.15 - 0.20 W / m2K). With the use of photovoltaic technology buildings will have a balanced energy demand ("zero-energy"). Due to a significant reduction in operating costs, the money saved may be allocated to provide a credit/loan service, which in turn will lead to the increased availability of apartments.

Mechanical strength

Buildings made with the SBS system are characterized by exceptional stiffness and resistance to external dynamic factors (e.g. seismic shocks). Due to the relatively low weight and uniform structure of the whole structure, SBS is an excellent solution on soils with poor bearing capacity, for instance in cases of superstructure etc.


Segments of the SBS system will be manufactured at production plants. Prefabricated elements have finished surfaces (internal and external) and are equipped with the necessary installation channels. Segments can be manufactured for catalogue buildings as well as adapted to individual design solutions. The investor (client) in each case receives a finished product.

Target market

The system has been especially designed for the housing sector. However, SBS technology can also apply to the construction of service, office and industrial buildings. Clients will be individual investors, developers, municipalities (municipal flats, education buildings) and entrepreneurs.

The Product


Ready-made buildings (residential, industrial, service) will be delivered to the construction site in the form of prefabricated elements and assembled by licensed specialists.